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The Social Project

A platform for real change

10% of each purchase goes to our planet.

We believe in a brighter future. To ensure that, we invest 10% of each order on our website in organizations that work to create change on the ground level. There's only one difference, we don't decide where the money from your order goes.... you do.

You choose, we donate


Save an Animal

Our partners Charlies's Animal Rescue Centre (CARE), pick up animals in distress from the streets and give them immediate medical attention and rehabilitation. CARE is also home to many animals that are old and sick and cannot survive on their own - dogs,cats, rabbits,ducks, hens, pigs, guinea pigs, birds and terrapins.

Plant a tree

Farmers in India are faced with unseasonal rains and droughts. Our partner SayTrees work with farmers, who are given fruit-bearing saplings that help create a greener planet by making use of uncultivated land, as well as creating a sustainable income for these farmers. It's win-win

Save our lakes

Lakes and Ponds are an integral part of our ecosystem. Our partners SayTrees work on rejuvenating dried ponds and lakes through treatment of waste-water. These water bodies then help recharge groundwater and help preserve the biodiversity and habitat of the area.

Here's how you do it


Buy your EcoRight product

that's the tough part. Now, 10% of your order has automatically been set aside for you to give to the cause you decide on. Make a purchase to get started


Select your cause

we've set the money aside, you decide the cause that speaks to you the most. You can read more about our causes or partners to decide which one you associate with :)


Hit the button

that's it. You've done your part. We will make sure that the 10% reaches our partner NGO. Thank you for your service to the environment!

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